The Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation (GAHI) accelerates transformative improvements for humanitarian action by enabling and creating a shared space for the development, use, and scaling of innovative tools, approaches, partnerships, and processes for the global community to more effectively meet humanitarian needs. The GAHI is a joint collaboration of its Member Organizations and Initiatives, represented within the GAHI’s High-Level Board and Steering Group.

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How does your innovation work?

To deliver on this ambition, the GAHI connects, mobilizes, and amplifies. The GAHI connects by matching problems to people that might solve them, mobilizes social, intellectual, and financial resources, and amplifies by sharing knowledge of what works.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

The ambition of the GAHI is to achieve higher impact and efficiency through innovation in humanitarian action. Innovation enables the humanitarian system to do more, for more people, at a lower cost. By focusing on addressing challenges no single actor would be capable of addressing on their own, GAHI limits duplication and ensures multiplication of impact.